Work in Progress

  • Talcott Parsons and Politics. Special Issue of The American Sociologist Vol. 51 (4) December 2020. (Editors: Victor M. Lidz and Helmut Staubmann)
  • The Routledge International Handbook of Talcott Parsons Studies (Editors: Javier Trevino and Helmut Staubmann). Manuscript submission October 2020
  • Sociology in a New Key. Essays in Social Theory and Aesthetics. Springer International. Manuscript submission February 2021
  • Reading Talcott Parsons. A Re-Assessment of his Legacy. London: Routledge. Manuscript submission October 2021
  • The Unpublished Legacy of Talcott Parsons. (In cooperation with Victor M. Lidz, funded by Jubiläumsfonds, Österreichische Nationalbank)
    • In preparation:
      Talcott Parsons and Winston White: Subsystems of American Society. Manuscripts from the American Society Project II. Edited and with an Introduction by Victor Lidz and Helmut Staubmann. LIT Verlag 2020 (Volume 4 of the book series Studies in the Theory of Action).
      The working papers in Subsystems of American Society document conceptual developments based on Parsons’ famous four-function paradigm. The included chapters analyze the American economy, polity, and societal community. They represent Parsons’ first attempt to apply the four-function paradigm to the understanding of a complex modern society with highly differentiated institutional structures. As such, they clarify important developments in 20th century sociological theory as well as underscoring Parsons’ insightful understanding of American society.