• October, In 2017, Victor Meyer Lidz was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Innsbruck. The lecture he gave at the award ceremony is now in print: Victor Lidz Strengthening the Strong Program in Cultural Sociology. Edited and with a Preface by Helmut Staubmann. Innsbruck: IUP. The Laudatio for Victor Lidz was held by Jeremy Tanner, University College London.
    • July 24-26, Workshop: Globalization and the Transformation of Higher Education and Research at Kobe University, Japan. Presentation together with Veronika Riedl.
    • 4.7. 18h: Präsentation der Studie 40 Jahre AK-Werkmeisterschulen in Tirol im Rahmen eines Festaktes zum 40 Jahre Jubiläum in der Messehalle Innsbruck, Forum 1.
    • March 6, 11a: Presentation together with Veronika Riedl: “How Austrian Universities Prepare for Brexit”, Panel: Brexit and Higher Education, at Brexit and Academia, Inauguration Ceremony and Symposium, BritInn – Academic Network Britain-Innsbruck (Claudiasaal, Herzog-Friedrich-Str. 3).


    • 3.12. Input Referat und Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema: “Über Freiheit gesprochen. Wie sich Autonomie soziologisch erwägen lässt” im Spielraum für Alle (Innsbruck).
    • 17.5. 20h30: Vortrag zur Soziologie der Rolling Stones im Rahmen des Programms WissensDurst.


    • August 23, Presentation together with Victor M. Lidz et al.: “The International Reception of Parsonian Functional Theory: Case Study of German-Speaking Sociology with Comparative Discusssion of Italy, Japan, France” American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Theory Section Roundtable Parsonian Framework, Seattle, WA.


    • December 4, Generalversammlung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Soziologie in Wien. Info
    • November 26-29, Lectures at Kobe University, Japan on “Changes of European Society and Culture and The Rolling Stones.”
    • September, Book Review: Tasos Zembylas (ed.), Kurt Blaukopf on Music Sociology – An Anthology. In: Journal of Sociology 51 (3).
    • September, the texbook Soziologische Theorie appears in its 9th edition, enhanced by a chapter on rational choice theory. Here is the announcement flyer.
    • August 25, Presentation together with Victor M. Lidz: “The Parsons – Schumpeter Seminar on Rationality in the Social Sciences” American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Section on Economic Sociology Roundtable, Chicago, IL.
    • March 12, George Sarton Medal awarded at the University of Ghent. Presentation on “The Rise and Decline of Functionalism and Current Problems of Methodology in the Social Sciences” – Laudatio by Prof. Raf Vanderstraeten.


    • December 10, “Das Phänomen Rolling Stones aus emotionssoziologischer Perspektive”. Vortrag am Institut für Soziologie der Universität Graz.
    • December 5, Generalversammlung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Soziologie in Wien. Info
    • December 4, 6p “The Rolling Stones – Soziologische Perspektiven”, Vortrag am Institut für Soziologie der Universität Klagenfurt. L.2.2.01 (Lakeside Park, Gebäude B02, 2. Stock West). Info
    • October 7, “Zur Paradigmenabhängigkeit der Frage der sozialen Kausalität”. Präsentation in der Ad-Hoc-Gruppe Kausalität im Sozialen? am 37. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie in Trier.
    • July 18, Presentation together with Victor M. Lidz: “On the Development of Talcott Parsons’ Conception of Societal Community” at XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Yokohama, Japan.
    • June 6, Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Universität Graz published excerpts from my presentation Rolling Stones – Musiksoziologische Perspektiven of March 10 on youtube. (Many thanks to the group of students who made the video!)
    • April 16, 4:30p “Musica pop e codici simbolici: un approccio durkheimiano alla sociologia dei Rolling Stones”  (Presentation together with Andrea Cossu). Università degli Studi di Padova, Aula Magna Cesarotti. Info
    • April 7, 4p “The Rolling Stones – Sociological Perspectives”. Presentation at: Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale. Università degli Studi di Trento, Room 15 – II Floor. Info
    • Here is a report from Corriere del Trentino, April 8
    • April 3, 6p “Gesellschaft, Kultur und Musik im Werk von Th. W. Adorno”. Vortrag am Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Karl-Schönherr-Str. 3, Innsbruck. Info
    • March 27, 2p “The Rolling Stones – Sociological Perspectives”. Presentation at: Free University of Bolzano/Bozen, Room: C4.01. More info
    • March 10, 5p “The Rolling Stones – Musiksoziologische Perspektiven”. Invited by: Grazer Gesellschaft für Soziologie; Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Zentrum für Systematische Musikwissenschaft der Universität Graz, Room: SR 15.22, RESOWI, Bauteil G, 2. OG. More Info


    • December 6: Elected as President of the Austrian Sociological Association – ÖGS
    • December 5: “The Rolling Stones – Musiksoziologische Perspektiven”. Talk at the Institute for Music Sociology, Music University Vienna Info
    • November 13: Book presentation: The Rolling Stones – Sociological Perspectives. Universität Innsbruck SOWI Fakultaetssitzungssaal 18h Invitation/Einladung 
    • June: Helmut Staubmann (Editor): The Rolling Stones – Sociological Perspectives available in the US (including eBook edition): From the publisher Lexington Books or at Amazon.com – Here are some first reactions: iorr; Psychobabble;


    • December: Grant awarded from Österreichische Nationalbank, Jubiläumsfonds for the research project: The Unpublished Legacy of Talcott Parsons
    • November 17: Workshop on The Rolling Stones, Sociological Perspectives. Department of Sociology, Harvard University. Here is the program
    • July: Visiting Prof. University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    • January 31, 6p: Presentation of a research project on university education and labor market. More information